PPA Cover - A cost effective method of covering teachers PPA time with high quality national curriculum based professional staff.

Sports Uk provide a PPA Cover service which is second to none. All our staff are highly trained and committed to support learning and promote pupil participation both in the classroom and on the playing field.

Ensuring everything is covered


Absence Cover


Because we have an available pool of sport development staff, in the rare event of a staff absence, we are able to cover with qualified competent coaches fully prepared with lesson information, therefore sustaining a continuous learning environment for children and peace of mind for schools.




Sustaining Teachers Key Skills in PE


To ensure class teachers retain key skills in physical education, whilst covering their PE lessons we are able to offer various levels of PE INSET from keeping staff in the picture with newsletters and memo updates to practical sport specific sessions. Our PE INSET sessions are delivered by an appropriate tutor or trainer who can tailor a course that suits each individual schools requirements.


Our latest partnership with PEPlanning allows all staff to plan quality Physical Education Lesson Plans through the online resource. This, in turn means the school portfolios are kept up to date with the plans. School teachers will also have access to these plans and Sports (UK) members of staff will always be happy to assist with using the lesson plans.




Cross Curricular Links


Many of our Units of Work introduce the use of key words, numeracy, planning and ICT. Our Outdoor & Adventurous Unit encourages team work, planning and problem solving. In Gymnastics, staff introduce digital cameras and videos to children to evaluate good practice and techniques.