Sports Festivals - providing every pupil at every level the opportunity to receive sports coaching and competition.

Sports UK provide a Sports Festival programme which significantly increases pupils’ ability and enthusiasm towards competition and school representation.

Play Leaders Awards

Children respond extremely positively to the responsibility of their peers and our programme has proven to reduce playground problems at playtime and lunchtime.

Our half day Play Leaders Award includes a workshop and practical training. We leave the Play Leaders with certificates, coaching logbooks and a directory of activities.

In September 2012 we delivered Play Leaders Awards to 36 primary schools so please book early to avoid waiting for a tutor. The award lasts for a half day and usually involves around 15 Year 5 or 6 pupils.

Good Practice Example

Wilsden Primary School take part in a Play Leaders Award at the start of each year.

Play Leaders take responsibility of their peers during playtime and lunchtime under the supervision of the Lunchtime Supervisors.

We Recommend

Book a Play Leaders Award for September so the Year 5 or 6 pupils can use their new leadership skills throughout the whole school year.