Festivals & Competitions

Why choose School Sports Festivals?

  • Your pupils will develop invaluable teamwork and sportsmanship skills
  • Pupils have a positive attitude to representing their school
  • Our festivals are an enhancement of the old school sports partnership programme; providing more structure and opportunities for ALL pupils
  • Meet government requirements of providing a competitive sporting environment for your pupils

what you get

lesson plan

Each half term, we provide teachers with specific lesson plans to prepare pupils for their end of term competition


Our PE Coaches visit school throughout the half term to provide coaching and to ensure ALL pupils get to take part in competition

intra-school competition

At the end of each half term selected pupils compete against other schools at an organised event

Example of the Annual Festival Programme

Half Term Year Group Sport
Autumn 1 6 Ultimate Frisbee
Autumn 2 4 Dance
Spring 1 3 Gymnastics
Spring 2 5 High 5 Netball
Summer 1 2 Tri Golf
Summer 2 1 Multi Skills
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